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Instagram is my favorite social platform. If I look at the stats on my Iphone what app I’m use the most, it’s Instagram. I’m a visual person and I love to look at images. I find ides and inspiration scrolling true the people I follow.

A couple of years ago when Google Reader still was around, I follow lot’s of blogs. Mostly photographers but also painters and other visual artists. But Google Reader was discontinued in 2013 and I could find a good service for RSS feed. I bookmarked some of my favorite blogs but it became a mess!

With Instagram it’s easier to follow and get inspiration! 🙂 Below is some of my favorite photos from photographers that I follow.

Who do you follow and were, with social platform?
Please leave a comment below with your favorite platform and photographer.

Here’s six photographers that I follow on Instagram:

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In a swedish Foresttale 🌲

A post shared by Tobias Hägg (@airpixels) on

By the way, if you find my feed on Instagram interesting, feel free to follow me. I have two accounts, one for my photography and one for my private but open life.

Links to my accounts:

Long time no seen

It’s been a couple of month since I touched my camera, at least my DSLR. Inspiration has been very low lately. I haven’t touched my camera 📷 this year. Just a few snapshots here and there with my iPhone
Some time has also pasted since I posted here in my blog.

But I’m starting to feel the drive to pick up the camera again! 😁 Here’s a photo from one of my favorite places, Tännforsen, Åre.

Pros and cons with the winter

Every season has its beauty! Spring that brings a fresh start and colors. The warmth that summer gives i lovely. And then autumn with beautiful colors and finally winter that brings some light in the dark with the snow.

But that’s the best things with the season! The negative is allergy, to hot, to cold, too much snow or rain, or the lack of rain and so on…

We have some snow on the ground in Umeå and the temperature has dropped below -10C for a couple of days. But it takes time for my body to get used to the cold. But I love the beautiful light the snow and the short daylight gives.

Which season is your favorite?

The panorama above is photographed in Åsele.

Hey, it’s Friday again!

Hey, it’s Friday again! Time flies away and it feels like yesterday was Monday…

As you might have seen, I’ve started to write more about my everyday life. Previous I had an another blog were I wrote about training, food, wine and my everyday life. But it became too much to handle two sites if I want some continuity. So I decided to shut down one site and write more on

I don’t have a complete highschool diploma and this autumn I started studied again. It has been fun so far, but it difficult when it’s over 20 years since I was a student! Today I’m studying english and preparing for the final assignments on the class. And that one of the reasons I’ve started to write in english on this website. I know I need to practice! 🙂

The photo above is photographed with the new GoPro Hero 7 Black and edited in Lightroom.

But it’s Friday and the last time I looked outside a window it was snowing. I’m looking forward to a weekend with my family, Christmas Fair and maybe some training :). 

Photographing birds

I don’t do it as much as I want these days, but I love it! I’m talking about photographing birds. 🙂
It takes time and planning to get good photos. You’ll need to know were the birds when the light is the best. You could wander around and depend on luck. But my experience is that good planning and scouting is the key to good images!

You also need a long lens so you don’t disturb the birds. But a long lens also helps to get a cleaner shoot. It helps to have a fast camera with a fast and precise autofocus as well.

I have the gear but I don’t have the time now. But I have an archive full of photos to look at! And I have updated my portfolio with a couple of new photos!

I hope you having a wonderful day! 🙂

Thousands of candles

On Friday evening children had placed candles to highlight the International Children’s Day. The light was turned off in the park and it was very atmospheric.
I regret that I didn’t have my camera, I only had my iPhone. But I got a couple of good photos anyway.

Wall art at 

Last week I was approved to sell wall art at Below I listed the five photos that I uploaded so far.

Follow the link to my gallery on Printler  –


Follow the link to my gallery on Printler  –

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