Long time no seen

It’s been a couple of month since I touched my camera, at least my DSLR. Inspiration has been very low lately. I haven’t touched my camera 📷 this year. Just a few snapshots here and there with my iPhone
Some time has also pasted since I posted here in my blog.

But I’m starting to feel the drive to pick up the camera again! 😁 Here’s a photo from one of my favorite places, Tännforsen, Åre.

Hey, it’s Friday again!

Hey, it’s Friday again! Time flies away and it feels like yesterday was Monday…

As you might have seen, I’ve started to write more about my everyday life. Previous I had an another blog were I wrote about training, food, wine and my everyday life. But it became too much to handle two sites if I want some continuity. So I decided to shut down one site and write more on cjr.se.

I don’t have a complete highschool diploma and this autumn I started studied again. It has been fun so far, but it difficult when it’s over 20 years since I was a student! Today I’m studying english and preparing for the final assignments on the class. And that one of the reasons I’ve started to write in english on this website. I know I need to practice! 🙂

The photo above is photographed with the new GoPro Hero 7 Black and edited in Lightroom.

But it’s Friday and the last time I looked outside a window it was snowing. I’m looking forward to a weekend with my family, Christmas Fair and maybe some training :). 

A weekend in my hometown

I have visited my family in my hometown this weekend. Fathers day on Sunday and a photo shoot on Saturday.

On Saturday morning I trained at the local gym. I continued to work on my clean technique and I felt strong doing a 4×6 of back and front squats 🙂

The other reason I had to be back in Åsele was a family photo shoot. It’s both difficult and lot’s of fun to photograph children! The plan was to photograph both indoors and outside. But it was a gray and rainy day so we did most of the shooting indoors.
If I can get a little gear geeky I have to say that buying the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL to go kit was a really good investment! Earlier I carried a large and heavy bag on wheels, just for the flashes! Now I just have to carry two small bags. One with the flash, light modifier, a light stand and a small backpack for my camera and lenses.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Challenge myself

Finished the CrossFit beginner courses at @boxenumea yesterday. I have learned a lot about myself and my weakness that I have to work on. I’ve also realized that I can do things that I didn’t think I could do!

I’m going to continue to train for Vätternrundan, get better at running and skiing. My strength training will be at the box! It feels great to challenge myself! 😁

November is here

It’s Friday, Halloween and November. It’s raining and the sky is grey and dark. The days are getting shorter and shorter. Sunset is around 15:20 where I live. The other day it snowed in the morning and in the afternoon the snow was gone… 

If I look back this time of the year usually October to March meant a period of me being really tired and feeling down. Last year I didn’t feel as down as I just feel and this year, I’m feeling great! I’m tired but the lack of sunlight and that I training more and more might be the reason for that!?

Yesterday I noticed that it was November 1 and the first reaction was, oh it’s just a month to Christmas, time flies away! But on the other hand it’s not that long until March, April and the return of the sun!  

I’m trying to see the positive side of things! The photo above gets to symbolizing the light in the dark, it will be warmer and lighter soon! 🙂

What a lovely day!

Today started great! Woke up and went for a short morning run. Had breakfast with my lovely fiancé. The sun was shining and the air was a little crisp after the cold night when I hoped on my bike down to the city.

I photographed the photo above a couple of years ago. But it felt like proper photo to represent the good feeling I had this morning and the beautiful weather!

Challenged myself

It’s time for a personal post :).

On Tuesday evening I grabbed myself by the neck and stepped into my running shoes and went out for a run! It’s been weeks since I did that. I felt so light and easy.

A little back story

I had my tonsils partly removed in the end of June. It took about two-week for my throat to heal and I felt fine until I started to workout again. When I doing intervals or cycling or running on a step hill I almost faint, and I had. When I push myself really hard I can’t oxygenate my body. I’m having a hard time catching my breath! When I’m keeping my workout at a lower intensity it’s okay. It’s like I’m completely lost all strength and fitness that I gained over the years. 

I’ve been to the doctor and done lots of tests and at the moment there is nothing wrong with my heart or lungs. I’m waiting for an appointment for one last test. 

Back to Tuesday evening! 

What was the challenge?

Well, I did make it out for a run and second I did run with a headlamp in the dark. I have walk and run the route before but never in the dark. It might seem silly but I know the trails and roads in my hometown, Åsele, I can run them blindfolded. I haven’t live that long i Umeå so everything is new to me!

I did 5,6 km in 35 min. Nothing to brag about but I did it! 🙂

Kallt i Lycksele

Igår spenderade jag dagen i Lycksele. Det föll fjäderlätt snö och solen fick kämpa sig igenom molen. -17C var alldeles för kallt i mina skinny jeans…
Stannade till vid slalombacken för att göra några bilder.

Lucia i Åsele

Jag fotograferade lucia i fredags som ägde rum på Kulturhuset i Åsele. Föräldrar och elever som deltog och vill se och eventuellt köpa bilder kan göra det genom att kontakta mig via e-post. Bilderna ligger på en sidan skydda med lösenord där man också kan köpa bilderna både digitalt och på canvas och fotopapper.

(För att köpa bilder måste man vara minst 18 år.)

Kontakta mig

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