This past weekend I photographed Umeå Throwdown. A crossfit event arranged by Garaget Crossfit in Umeå. I love that crossfit box and train there as well.

The competition was a two day event and started with checkin on Friday evening. I was tasked with photographing portraits on Friday evening and photographing the competition on Saturday and Sunday.

My main goal was to capture every athlete in their prime. When an athlete PBed on the lifting event or making a fighting face at the end of the sprint event.
When I checked these goals I could be more creative with my photography. The second day the sun was high on the sky and created a harsh light, which made it somewhat difficult to find the right exposer. But it made it possible to play with the shadows and highlights.

I’m glad I got the opportunity to photograph the event and I had lot’s of fun! You can find all of the photos from the weekend here – Umeå Throwdown 2022