Instagram is my favorite social platform. If I look at the stats on my Iphone what app I’m use the most, it’s Instagram. I’m a visual person and I love to look at images. I find ides and inspiration scrolling true the people I follow.

A couple of years ago when Google Reader still was around, I follow lot’s of blogs. Mostly photographers but also painters and other visual artists. But Google Reader was discontinued in 2013 and I could find a good service for RSS feed. I bookmarked some of my favorite blogs but it became a mess!

With Instagram it’s easier to follow and get inspiration! 🙂 Below is some of my favorite photos from photographers that I follow.

Who do you follow and were, with social platform?
Please leave a comment below with your favorite platform and photographer.

Here’s six photographers that I follow on Instagram:

By the way, if you find my feed on Instagram interesting, feel free to follow me. I have two accounts, one for my photography and one for my private but open life.

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