Many of you have probably read and heard the sad history of Terje Hellesø. He claimed that he have had about 100 lynx meetings in a short time and has in his blog published incredible images on the lynx. He also claimed that he photographed a raccoon dog in the woods around Mullsjö. But all this has proved to be fake!

I discovered Terje when I started photographing about 10 years ago. He has been an inspirational source for me and I have enjoyed his books and pictures. But all of that is gone now. Wich photos are real and what is fake?

Terje admitted on Saturday that he has created images by copying and pasting the animals. I wrote a blog post and praised Terje for a picture of a lynx on the 20th August. Now I am just angry and disappointed at what he has done! 

He has also received the title Nature Photographer of 2010 by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. A title he retains. I don’t understand why! 

See one of the faked photos here:

He “preached” about how a photographer makes the pictures in the camera, not in Photoshop! He ends his career by making his pictures in Photoshop.


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