Image of the month, June 2009

Crus crusIt’s never easy to pick one image…

Why did I chose this image? I’m not sure. The crane is a beautiful and magnificent bird. Maybe it’s that simple.

After I took the shot I felt that the image should be black and white. It dosen’t work i color.

I use the AF-S 600/4 on the Nikon D3. 1/1600 at f4, ISO 800 handheld.

Later in the digital darkroom I made the basic adjustments in Lightroom. In Photoshop I used Silver Efex Pro to make the image black and white.

2 Replies to “Image of the month, June 2009”

  1. Klart inspirerande bilder! Måste nog damma av min kamera (hmm, ja eller köpa ny kanske) och ut å fota lite annat än bara barnen och hundarna.

    //Jörgen Bellander

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